Where to buy the best price for grass straws in Phu Quoc? This is a question that environmentally conscious consumers often ask when it comes to eco-friendly products. Let Eco Friendly Vietnam answer this question for you in the article below!


Grass straws are made entirely from types of grass with straight, stiff, and hollow stems. Grass straws are considered one of the products that meet the environmentally friendly criteria and ensure safety for users’ health.

Grass straws were born with the goal of changing the habit of using plastic straws, which are causing negative impacts on our natural environment. Currently, there are two types of grass straws on the market, including dry grass straws and fresh grass straws.

Dry Grass Straws

Dry grass straws are made 100% from the cogon grass, a type of grass with a hollow stem. This type of straw is often light green or yellow-brown. Unlike fresh grass straws, dry grass straws undergo a drying process to create a durable and sturdy product for use. Another highlight of dry grass straws is that they are easily completely decomposed in a short period after being disposed of in the natural environment.

Fresh Grass Straws

Similar to dry grass straws, fresh grass straws are also made from the main ingredient of cogon grass. This type of straw will have a cool, fresh green color from natural cogon grass. However, the shelf life of this type of straw is somewhat limited compared to dry grass straws.

Ống hút cỏ


Grass straws are truly a wonderful gift from nature. With the skillful hands of artists, they have created an extremely delicate and useful product.

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Additionally, Eco Friendly Vietnam plans to open vocational classes for rural workers, including the crafts of weaving and making straw straws from wild grass.