Where can I buy grass straws in Phu Quoc at the most reasonable price? Grass straws are a highly sought-after product by eco-conscious consumers because they provide a solution to improve both the ecological environment and one’s personal health.


Grass straws are a biodegradable product that many environmentally conscious consumers are interested in. These straws are made from a unique type of grass that grows in the Mekong Delta region. Thanks to its hollow stem and suitable length, this grass is an excellent raw material for producing straws that can completely replace single-use plastic straws.

Grass straws come in two types: dry grass straws and fresh grass straws. Each type of straw has its own outstanding features to suit the needs of users:

  • Fresh grass straws: This type of straw is naturally green in color and has a certain degree of flexibility. However, it needs to be refrigerated and has a shorter lifespan than dry grass straws.
  • Dry grass straws: Dry grass straws have a slightly yellowish-green color because they go through a drying process. This type of straw is easily biodegradable in the natural environment and is very safe for users’ health. In addition, dry straws have a longer shelf life and are easier to store for users.


Buying grass straws is one of the positive actions that contributes to protecting our current living environment. As of this year, food packaging and plastic straws have accounted for over 44% of the total amount of waste worldwide. This is considered to have a serious impact on the natural environment.

Firstly, if plastic waste is not properly treated, it will lead to environmental pollution of water, soil, and air. Moreover, many studies have shown that the ecosystem is becoming imbalanced as more and more creatures are extinct due to consuming plastic waste. Especially, plastic waste is very difficult to decompose in the natural environment and may take hundreds to thousands of years to decompose completely.

Therefore, organic straws made from grass have become an optimal solution to replace plastic products. Grass straws are 100% made from natural materials and are easy to decompose, thereby significantly reducing the amount of waste in the environment. Buying grass straws not only helps protect the environment but also contributes to improving personal health.

Where can I buy grass straws in Phu Quoc at the most reasonable price

Straws made of coconut leaf stems are truly a magical gift from nature. With the skilled craftsmanship of artisans, they create a delicate and useful product.

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