Where to buy Phu Quoc grass straws at the best price? This is a question that environmentally conscious consumers always ask when it comes to eco-friendly products. Let Eco Friendly Vietnam answer this question for you in the following article!


Grass straws are products made entirely from types of grass with straight, rigid, and hollow stems. Straws made from grass are considered one of the environmentally friendly products that ensure safety for users’ health. Grass straws were created with the aim of changing the habit of using plastic straws, which have negative impacts on our natural environment. Currently, there are three main types of straws made from grass on the market, including dry grass straws, fresh grass straws, and sedge grass straws.

Fresh Grass Straws

Similar to dry grass straws, fresh grass straws are also made from the main material of the grass plant. This type of straw will have a fresh green color from natural grass. However, the shelf life of this type of straw is slightly more limited compared to dry grass straws.

Dry Grass Straws

Dry grass straws are made 100% from the grass plant, a type of reed grass with hollow stems. This type of straw is usually light green or yellowish-brown in color. Unlike fresh grass straws, dry grass straws undergo a drying process to create a durable and sturdy end product. Another highlight of dry grass straws is that they easily decompose completely in the natural environment within a short period of time.


Plastic straws are a familiar product in our daily lives due to their convenience and low cost. However, have we truly realized the hazards posed by these plastic straws? The following figures partially illustrate this:

Plastic straws are among the top 6 most difficult-to-decompose waste items today and the top 10 most commonly found waste items in the ocean. According to research from the US Marine Research Association in 2018, there are up to 8.3 billion plastic straws polluting beaches worldwide. Over 100,000 marine animals and 1 million seabirds die each year from ingesting plastic straws and plastic waste.

In addition to the environmental and animal impacts mentioned above, plastic straws also pose serious health issues for consumers.

Inside plastic straws, there are various additives, such as BPA, which can release harmful chemicals that cause breast cancer, prostate cancer, hinder brain development, and even lead to infertility when exposed to high temperatures.

Furthermore, straws made from recycled plastic increase the risk of bacterial contamination for users, especially young children.

Given the negative impacts on the environment and human health caused by plastic straws, using straws made from grass is considered one of the best alternative solutions. Grass straws are natural products that do not contain harmful plastics and chemicals, which is extremely beneficial for users’ health.

Moreover, grass straws have the ability to completely decompose in the natural environment within a short period of time, thereby addressing the increasing problem of uncontrolled plastic waste. Therefore, the use of biodegradable straws to replace plastic straws needs to be spread to everyone, so that the Earth can return to a green, clean, and beautiful state.


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