The production process of grass straws complex? Find out in this article!

The Production Process of Grass Straws by Eco Friendly Vietnam

To obtain the final product, which is the grass straw, the production process is straightforward and not overly complex. It involves the following 6 steps:

Step 1: Harvesting the grass straws from the Mekong Delta region. It is preferable to select grass that is around 2 years old to increase the stiffness of the straws. Avoid choosing young plants as they are difficult to process and use.

Step 2: After harvesting, remove the inner core of the grass straw, clean off any dirt on the stalk, and then proceed with initial processing.

Step 3: Classify the grass straws by selecting plants that are similar in size and height. Then, cut off the bottom part of the grass and divide it into appropriate lengths (around 11 – 25cm).

Step 4: Skilled craftsmen will shape the grass straws by cutting the top part straight and tapering the tail end for easy insertion into food-grade wrapped water cups, providing convenience for users.

Step 5: Clean and cold-dry the grass straws using UV rays. This process helps maintain the straw’s color and sturdy structure, extending the shelf life up to 12 months. It involves two stages of drying:

Stage 1: Air-drying the straws (at a temperature of around 40 – 60 degrees Celsius is most suitable). Stage 2: Subjecting the straws to higher temperatures to eliminate bacteria completely.

Step 6: Perform a final quality check on the grass straws. If they meet the standards, carefully package them according to the specifications of each unit. The packaged straws will be delivered to customers.

Eco Friendly Vietnam, a reputable producer of high-quality grass straws for export

Eco Friendly Vietnam is a company specialized in providing environmentally friendly products such as straws made from grass for cafes, restaurants, hotels, as well as for export. As mentioned above, there are different types of straws made from grass with varying diameters, lengths, and packaging, which result in different prices. Additionally, wholesale prices for straws made from grass depend on the quantity ordered. The wholesale price of grass straws ranges from 200 to 1000 Vietnamese dong per straws.

Eco Friendly VN sedge grass straws

The straw made from grass are truly a magical gift from nature. With the skilled and meticulous hands of artisans, they create an exquisite and useful product.

At Eco Friendly Vietnam, customers have many choices to reduce plastic waste on our planet. All products produced and exported by Eco Friendly Vietnam are 100% environmentally friendly and originate from Vietnam.

  • Quality: We provide customers with a variety of straw products in terms of size and type, such as grass straws, bamboo straws, etc. Additionally, we also sell other environmentally friendly products, such as bamboo cups, bamboo water bottles, and more.
  • Reputation: We conduct our business with honesty and integrity, offering quality products and excellent customer service.
  • Pricing: As both a manufacturer and exporter, our customers can own environmentally friendly products at the most competitive prices.
  • Nationwide and international shipping: We support shipping and delivery throughout Vietnam and internationally. With an experienced, dynamic, and enthusiastic team of employees, Eco Friendly Vietnam has become a reliable partner for many large customers both domestically and internationally.
  • Our hotline is open 24/24 to directly answer any questions about buying the straw made from grass at wholesale prices, collaboration on production, and building brands.

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In addition, Eco Friendly Vietnam also plans to open a vocational school for rural workers, providing training in crafts such as weaving and making grass straws.

Our core values are integrity in business, high-quality products, and excellent customer service. In addition, Eco Friendly Vietnam JSC also provides services for sourcing goods, customs clearance, and import-export outsourcing.