Why should we use Bamboo Bottle?

This is a thermos made of bamboo – a very popular herb in Vietnam and Asia. This is 100% eco-friendly material. When using this bamboo thermos bottle, you will not need to use disposable plastic cups or paper cups. And this bamboo thermos bottle is also biodegradable, safe for the environment and people. 

Our bamboo posters are of global export quality, safe for human health and the environment, with full quality certificates from reputable testing centers in the world such as SGS, EUROFINS & TUV

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Safe For You And Our Planet

Thermal water bottle made from 100% Vietnamese bamboo and 304 stainless steel. No harmful chemicals. All bamboo thermos bottles produced by EFV are 100% safe for humans and the environment, biodegradable.
You and your family members will rest assured that while enjoying your favorite beverage, you can still protect our planet.

A great alternative to single-use cups

Billions of single-use cups are used and discarded every day in the United States. EFV’s bamboo water bottle is made from 100% bamboo, all natural and high-grade 304 stainless steel with exclusive technology, our bamboo water bottle is very sturdy, convenient to use and good to replace. than for single-use cups. Plastic and paper are toxic. Surely you want to keep your loved ones, friends and customers healthy

SGS & EUROFINS Certification

The health of you and your family is our top priority. Therefore, all our products are tested and certified by famous testing organizations around the world. Please confirm your purchase from EFV JSC, to make sure these products are safe, non-toxic. We do not give sales rights to any third party seller. Third party sellers who are selling under our products The list may be fake and not guaranteed quality
Water bottle

Customer Design

We understand that each customer has different ideas and designs to create their own brand. We’re here to help you make great and special things for you with the lowest possible MOQ.

Full Of All Your Need!

Bamboo Bottle offers a natural bamboo design sleeve to keep your drink hot or cold. Regardless if you’re spending your day in the mountains; crushing a workout at the gym; to your everyday work life, you can rest with ease knowing your drink will be the absolute perfect temperature. With its easy to clean stainless steel insert you will never want anything else to drink out of.





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